About Morgan

Well, where to begin.

My love for food started when I was in Primary School, when I had to fundraise $70 for a school camp. My mother suggested I bake cakes and muffins, and sell them to the locals. Mum has always been an amazing cook, and I owe a lot of my talent and to her and her wonderful food. I ended up making $150 from my baked goods, and was inundated with comments about how good they were. This was where my long and passionate love affair with food began. My mother Lesley has taught me everything I know, from boiling an egg to preventing a butter caper sauce from separating. She is just as passionate as me about food and there is nothing that I love more than sitting down to an antipasto platter with her and polishing off 3 courses without even touching the sides.

Throughout high school I was always interested in becoming a chef, but didn’t like the idea of cooking the same dishes day in and day out, in a hot kitchen somewhere. I much preferred coming home to my mother’s kitchen and baking with the Dixie Chicks blaring, (Something about the Southern music made me feel so domesticated) and producing multiple batches of whatever tickled my fancy that day. My little brother and Dad were always happy to be taste testers, and I don’t think I ever received one criticism from them!

It wasn’t until I met my current partner Devon that I realised I should be utilising my talent, and making my passion for food more than a hobby. He is more than willing to taste all of my food endeavours on a regular basis, and encourages me to pursue this passion I have developed. (Wow, he has a tough life.)

Butter. Cream. Vanilla. Cream Cheese. Parmesan. Garlic. Spring Onions. Shallots. Balsamic Vinegar. Red Onion. Fish. Scallops. Chocolate. These are the things that make me happy in life – tell me I do not have a problem?

This blog is the beginning of my recorded food adventures, one day soon I hope to have compiled a recipe collection of my own creations, and have it published. Even if I only publish my book for my loved ones, it will be a huge accomplishment for me. I will be posting all of these recipes on my blog, and welcome you all to try, critique and comment on them.

May the adventure begin, and as Julia Child once said………………….. Bon Apetit!


3 thoughts on “About Morgan

  1. Hi, Morgan–I rec’d a request to approve a pingback (an acknowledgment that somebody has linked to one of your posts), but when I followed the pingback it took me to an error page on your blog. I figured that either 1) Maybe you did like our post about wontons enough to cite it in one of your posts, and there was just a glitch in the blogosphere; or 2) Somebody’s using your blog address as spam. If the former, thank you. If the latter, then you ought to know. In either event, good luck with your blog. Ken

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